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 It's an early spring season down here in northwest central Florida. Its been in the mid 70's and sunny for a week now and the forecast is the same for the near future. Warm and sunny and light winds.  I love it. I've had the pontoon ready for a month now and on my last trip we caught lots of trout and 2 mackerel. Can you believe it? I mention that because it's only February 25. We usually don't see mackerel untill mid April or May. The water temperature is usually in the low 60's at this time of year. This year its been in the high 60's for 2 weeks and today its above 70 F. That is excellent temp for speckled trout and redfish.  I think Phil the groundhog up in Pennsylvania had on his sunglasses this year. He sure called it wrong this time. It's an early spring down here allright. We'll be floating over 4ft. of clear water and grassy bottom dangling shrimp and jigs thru schools of small bait and hooking up with big plump speckled trout for the next 3 months. I made 5 outriggers that will hold rods for trolling silver spoons out behind us when the mackerel show up in big numbers. That is a lot of fun.  Dragging those shiny spoons thru hungry thrashing mackerel is very exciting. Give me a call at 352-221-5463 and I'll write you and your family in and I'll provide all the rods and tackle and I'll filet 'em all back at the dock. thanks, Capt. Dan         



   classic angling form


 On another day we caught 12 trout and 1 bluefish



 Above, Lori holds up a beautiful Spanish Mackerel.

 Below is Kate from Alaska with a 26.5in. trout.


  A 4 hour fishing trip for 1 to 5 folks is $350. 5 people is the maximum. I'll provide all the fishing gear you'll need and  fishing license too,then fillet your catch back at the dock so you can eat fresh fish that evening. Call me at 352-221-5463 and schedule a trip. Capt. Dan

 Below is our pontoon boat with lots of room and a new 2014 Yamaha outboard motor.


Above, 6 year old Will Wertenberger stands next to his 22.5in. seatrout as father Nevin holds it for photo.


Above, Fionnuala San Juan makes the Irish proud with her big trout

Come fish with me aboard a spacious 24ft pontoon in the unspoiled fishing grounds of Cedar Key Florida.


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  Below is your captain holding up a 26.5in redfish.


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 A Red too big. We had to release Don Hyland's redfish after this pic. It was 1 in. over the legal limit of 27in.


 Above, Doug Cole of Chiefland, Fl. holds up a 38in. bullred he caught on warm day. A quick picture and measurement and I slipped him back into his world to breed some more. 


Bob Seguin hoists this 40 lb Drum for picture in one of my favorite inshore spots.

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